Andy Anton is an experienced video creator and editor who has worked with some of the biggest names in the tech industry, including Google, HP, and Microsoft. He specializes in creating videos for internal and international conferences, as well as marketing campaigns. His latest work includes an online product campaign for data and AI performance diagnostic applications for Elsevier. He has also edited and created 3D models for a series of three videos for the Styletto and My WellBeing Application, a startup product for hearing loss and lifestyle application, for web and broadcast. When he's not busy in the edit bay , Andy is a live and experimental music fan. He can often be found at the Empty Bottle and Sleeping Village, checking out performances by the weird and hungry. He is also a talented artist who creates whirling abstract art derived from the scene and ambiance of local rock shows.

Andy offers a range of video creation and editing services for businesses and individuals. Whether you need a video for a marketing campaign, an internal conference, or a special event, Andy can help bring your vision to life. He is highly skilled in editing and 3D modeling, and can create stunning visual effects that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

In addition to his video work, Andy is also an accomplished artist. He specializes in creating abstract art inspired by the energy and atmosphere of live music performances. His unique and colorful pieces capture the excitement and emotion of the live music experience, and are a must-have for any music fan or art collector. Contact: If you're interested in working with Andy on a video project or commissioning a piece of artwork.